About Company

By exceeding industry standards for both construction quality and superior customer service, Ferdom Construction has proven to be one of the GTA’s leading civil landscape construction companies. With a portfolio that spans over 30 years, specializing in municipal projects involving structural concrete, park construction, splash pads, water features, pedestrian bridges, trail systems and entry ways. This family-owned and operated company has built a strong reputation based on integrity and client satisfaction.

Our History

Ferdom Construction was established in 1987 by Fernando Ambrosetti and son Domenic Ambrosetti. At that time Fernando brought 33 years of experience in Toronto’s concrete construction industry to the firm, while Domenic’s previous business and construction experience proved to be invaluable. Together Fernando and Domenic quickly established a reputation for excellent concrete and civil construction while demonstrating a solid work ethic.

Marie Curtis Boardwalk

Marie Curtis Park Boardwalk Construction, Concrete Splashpad and Playground

Ferdom Construction Now

Today, as President of Ferdom Construction, Domenic has fostered a culture of quality among his employees, emphasizing the importance of attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. The quality of the company’s work is represented by the long-term durability of their projects as well as the positive references of their many clients, architects, consultants and subcontractors.

Ferdom Construction places a strong value on health and safety. We proactively work towards meeting and exceeding all safety standards in order to have all members return home healthy each day, and it is our goal to build “safe” public spaces.

“Ferdom Construction is proud to create and enhance beautiful, outdoor spaces in which family and friends can gather, play and come together as a community.” – Domenic Ambrosetti

Mission Statement

Ferdom is committed to providing services that surpass industry standards and exceed expectations. Ferdom’s core values of honesty, integrity and dedication are the foundation for each of our projects.

We are not only devoted to our valued clients, but also to our valued employees/team members who depend on Ferdom to support themselves and their families. We are committed to providing a quality livelihood for our employees and ensuring their safety above all else.